Fall 2020 – Welcome Back! Seriously. I missed you.

This is Mr. Hattaway, here to provide you with your ongoing dosage of design projects & half-witty repartee. Welcome to Fall Semester 2020.

Bang a gong, let’s get some making on.

September 30th, 2023

***Web site updates are ongoing. nomuse.com should be in sync with Canvas by Labor Day. I will need to rework how some things functioned fourth term; I mean, I get to see you live and in-person now.

 Fall Semester Office Hours:
Fridays, 1:30-2:15pm  – available for help in-person, via Zoom, Teams, etc.
By appointment – I’m working a full day on Fridays, if the time assigned to the Art department doesn’t work for consultation. I am also available most days by 6:30am, and often as late as 6:30pm. Send me an email, or set up a time on your in-person days.

Graphic Design 1:
Intro to Design


Graphic Design 2:
Advertising Design


1. Email Mr. Hattaway Twice per Week
2. Two 5-minute Drawings per Week
3. Make an 8-page Quarantine Zine – Due 4/15/20
4. Concertina/Accordion Fold – Due 5/6-7/20

Graphic Design 3:
Industrial Design


CE Studio Art for the Non-Major


Week 1
  1. About Me blog post on your wordpress.com website– write a short blog post telling Hattaway about yourself. Include two-three photos of yourself. Tell me what you like, what you hate, your favorite food, sports in which you participate, musical instruments that you play, what you want to be when you leave school, siblings, etc. After you have published your blog post, email Hattaway the URL for your new website (jhattaway@dsdmail.net). Due second class session.
  2. Enroll at Weber – weber.edu/concurrentenrollment.
Week 2
  1. Complete the Color Theory Worksheet
  2. Create a blog post with a photo of your completed worksheet and something that you know about color.
  3. If you have not emailed Hattaway the URL of your blog, do so. Wordpress Navigation Register for Art 1030 at Weber. Mr. Hattaway's CRN for this class is 25503 Two 10-minute drawing sessions. You may draw anything that you want, as long as you draw for two times for 10-minutes each. There are drawing prompts from the dismissal available at https://nomuse.com/home/past-drawing-prompts/. (Links to an external site.) Try the blind contour drawing at the bottom of the page and the Funko Pop from "Doctor Who" if you would like some direction.



1. Email Mr. Hattaway Each B Day
2. Two 5-minute Drawings per Week
2. Make an 8-page Quarantine Zine – Due 4/15/20
4. Concertina/Accordion Fold – Due 5/6-7/20

Website Changelog

Updates April 6th, 2020

Updates, April 6th 2020 Added date widgets to to handle some of the repetitive work. Fixed Zoom link buttons – no one told me that

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Updates March 25, 2020

Website Changelog for March 25, 2020 Created/added 8-page zine folding diagram Added Past Drawing Prompt of the Day page Added Past Question of the Day

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