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This is Mr. Hattaway, here to provide you with your ongoing dosage of design projects & half-witty repartee to help pass the hours in the face of the global pandemic, social isolation, toilet paper hoarding, and the earth moving under your feet.

Bang a gong, let’s get some making on.

April 10th, 2020

Online/Zoom Classroom @11am. 

***Zoom has made a number of security updates this week. You will need to use the buttons bellow to connect. If you are asked for a password, you need the new link.

Logging in on Zoom and don’t want to use your bedroom or parent’s basement as your backdrop? Awesome! You can upload any photo you want. Click here (later today) for classroom photos to enhance that room one-one-four feel. Or, swing by DC Comics for the DC Universe locations backdrops that they’re offering for $free.99 with a $0.99 discount.

Daily Dose of Drawing Prompt

Wednesday April 8th & Thursday April 9th
This is a reproduction cast of the left eye from Michelangelo’s David sculpture. Once again, look for the actual shapes of the shadows and highlights. Draw the shapes, not the eye. Use your preferred shading technique to create the values in the photo. 

As always, click on the image here to get an embiggened version. Include a photo of today’s drawing with your daily email to me. 

Past Daily Drawing Prompts

Question(s) of the Day

What's your favorite typeface? What's your most hated typeface? What's a typeface?

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Graphic Design 1:
Intro to Design


1. Email Mr. Hattaway Each Class Day
2. Illustrator Core Tool 1 – the Pen Tool
3. Complete the district's CTE Student Survey. Please.
4. Create a paper collage.

Graphic Design 2:
Advertising Design


Graphic Design 3:
Industrial Design

Hattaway's Daily Emails

Email: WXHS, Hattaway, 3D Design

Email: WXHS, Hattaway, 3D Design WXHSHattaway3D Design WXHSHattawayYearbook 3D Makers! TL;DRTo have a happy grade, do 3 things:1. check-in with Hattaway twice/week2. draw 5-minutes twice/week;

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Email: WXHS, Hattaway, Yearbook

Email: WXHS, Hattaway, Yearbook WXHSHattawayYearbook Yearbook staff! TL;DRTo have a happy grade, do 3 things:1. check-in with Hattaway twice/week2. draw 5-minutes twice/week; send Hattaway photo

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Website Changelog

Updates April 6th, 2020

Updates, April 6th 2020 Added date widgets to to handle some of the repetitive work. Fixed Zoom link buttons – no one told me that

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Updates March 25, 2020

Website Changelog for March 25, 2020 Created/added 8-page zine folding diagram Added Past Drawing Prompt of the Day page Added Past Question of the Day

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