Website Changelog for March 25, 2020

  1. Created/added 8-page zine folding diagram
  2. Added Past Drawing Prompt of the Day page
  3. Added Past Question of the Day page
  4. Modified/updated the menu: About Hattaway & Contact Me are under Home; added assignment page links to each class menu; added past prompt links under Home.
  5. Added links to the past prompts in the current prompt layout.
  6. Added 8-page Quarantine Zine assignment to Yearbook and 3D Art class cards on Home page.
  7. Updated the header to: nomuse dot com & hattaway hangs out here since 1998.
  8. Increased the file size upload limit on the Contact Me form to 10MB each per file (drawing & assignment).
  9. Added trailing whitespace on course landing pages.
  10. Added Post pages for Emails from Mr. Hattaway & Website Changelog posts. Provided links to pages under Home.