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Daily Dose of Drawing Prompt

Wednesday May 13 & Thursday May 14
I have an enormous crooked willow in my front yard. It’s on the backside of its lifespan, but it is always good to see the new growth each spring. Look for shapes, curves, shadows. 

As always, click on the image here to get an embiggened version. Include a photo of today’s drawing with your twice weekly email to me. 

Past Daily Drawing Prompts

Question(s) of the Day

If you could be any movie character, who would you be from what movie? Why?

(Question credit goes to Monet Lefler, who called that no-website updating, slacker Hattaway on the mat.)


1. Email Mr. Hattaway twice each week
2. Draw for 5-minutes twice each week; email Hattaway photos of the drawings
3. Make an 8-page Quarantine Zine
4. Design a Concertina Pamphlet