About Hattaway

Mr. Hattaway teaches commercial art and 3D art and advises both the yearbook staff and the WXHS Art Club. When not caught up in a global pandemic, he can be found training and teaching Aikido several evenings per week at the Salt Lake Aikikai and Aikido Mountain West dojos. Aikido is Japanese martial art that focuses on blending with an incoming attack, neutralizing the attack using principles of physics, and protecting the attacker from harm – picture a mashup of Tai Chi and gymnastic floor routine. He is currently ranked nidan. Mr. Hattaway also teaches a knitting class at Blazing Needles in Sugarhouse, typically on the first Saturday of the month.

Mr. Hattaway fell in love with the French Realists, Impressionists, and Neo-Impressionists at an early age, and developed a soft spot for the American Abstract Expressionists’ work with age and art history classes. He holds a bachelors of fine arts with a ceramic emphasis from the University of Utah, but doesn’t really play in the mud anymore. He will complete an MS in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University in the first half of 2020, ideally before he has to pay WGU any more tuition.

Mr. Hattaway also fell in love with Mrs. Hattaway because she smelled right, and her green curly hair was sort of cute. They have been married since 1996. At one point before they started dating, flowers were thrown out a door and Mrs. Hattaway told Mr. Hattaway to never speak to her again. It’s been a rather long time and as far as Mr. Hattaway can tell, they still aren’t speaking; Mrs. Hattaway still smells right. The Hattaways have two children who wanted desperately to attend Woods Cross until Mr. Hattaway was hired to teach there. They live in Bountiful because Mr. Hattaway neglected to read the small print on the marriage license that stated he agreed to stay in Bountiful forever if he married a girl from Bountiful.

Mr. Hattaway came to Woods Cross after spending two plus decades designing web sites, developing web applications, doing graphic design work, and reading the instructions to computers and software for people unwilling to read instructions. He discovered that helping young people express themselves through graphic design principles, Adobe’s Illustrator software, and general making things brings a ridiculous amount of joy and satisfaction with his new work paradigm.