Make an 8-page Quarantine Zine!

What’s a zine (zeen) you ask? (I’m so glad you asked!) Zines are a form of self-publishing that goes back to 1930. Zine is short for “fan magazine” which shortened to “fanzine” then to just zine. This assignment is to design an 8-page zine focused on something about which you are an “expert”, whether it’s your favorite music right now or kinds of tacos you love or your all-time favorite pairs of Air Jordans or a mini graphic novel or crazy pandemic fashion trends. I personally have zines that cover a mini emergency kit, useful things to know, foraging for food in the wild, a sad breakup, how to make a zine, a zine of secrets, and how to pick locks, among others.

Mega thanks to Maximus Stetich and Grace Melum for the awesomesauce examples.
Click the images below to see full-sized versions.