WXHS, Hattaway, All Classes – 4/27/20

All Classes


Good Morning, Wildcats! 

There are 14-days and a wake up left for new instruction in your courses. YOU. CAN. DO. IT!!!

Midterm grades close at noon today. Check MyDSD. Everything that I received up to Saturday is in. 

If you and I have made alternate project arrangements, and your grade doesn’t look right, please email me. My note about our deal has just been shuffled in time, and fallen out of my head. Remind me.

Sent something over the weekend? I’ll be adding those shortly. Send me something before the gradebook closes, I’ll add it in. I mean, seriously, I’ll add it in after the gradebook closes, it just won’t look pretty on your midterm.

See something you (or your ‘rents) don’t like? There are three different classes of things here.

1) Projects like the collage or zine. I don’t know what to tell you but, make one, take a photo, and send me the photo.

Collage info (graphic design 1): https://nomuse.com/graphic-design-1-intro-to-design/make-a-paper-collage/

8-page zine info: https://nomuse.com/graphic-design-2-advertising-design/make-a-zine/

Concertina info (goes on final, not graphic design 1): https://nomuse.com/graphic-design-2-advertising-design/design-a-concertina-pamphlet/

Questions about any of it? Email me here. Or, that zoom thing – I’ll be there from 11 to noon.

2) Two 5-minute drawings/week. While there’s a good deal of flexibility here, if you are stressing about it, pull out the timer on your phone, point your browser here: https://nomuse.com/home/past-drawing-prompts/. Draw. There are 11 images up as of this writing. That’s less than an hour of drawing, assuming that my art school maths are holding up… 

3) Two email per week letting me know that you’re ok. Unless you’ve got access to a TARDIS or a Mr. Fusion equipped Delorean – and really, why haven’t you told me about this before now??? – I’m willing to offer communication-with-Mr.-Hattaway amnesty. Do better these 15 days. Write me a note; tell me about what you’ve been doing, what bothers you, how you’re coping with the stress of social isolation. At a loss for what to talk to me about? I have a webpage for that: https://nomuse.com/home/past-questions-of-the-day/. Send me six email over the next three weeks, two per week, on different days, attempting to say something, and I will generously retcon your 4th term email grade.

But if you don’t even care at this point, please, please, please send me at least 1 email and tell me that you’re ok. Or, that you’re not and need help. I will do what I can.

And, I will write back to you, even if your email just says, “I’m ok.”

If you are buried in prep for AP or CE finals, talk to me. If you are swimming in shark infested water with core classes, talk to me. If you are whelmed, or, heaven forbid, overwhelmed with everything going on, I’m right here with you, going through it; talk to me.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Hit reply.