Email: WXHS, Hattaway, Graphic Design 1 (All Sections) – 4/21/20

Graphic Design 1 (All Sections)

Good afternoon, Wildcats!

The collages that have been sent in look great, particularly with your ingenious use of the materials that you have available to you at home. If you haven’t sent me a photo of your collage, send it my way at your earliest convenience. If collages have fallen off your radar, here is the page with the assignment info:

Moving onward and upward, your next assignment is to design an 8-page Quarantine Zine, due May 6/7.

What’s a zine (zeen) you ask? (I’m so glad you asked!) Zines are a form of self-publishing that goes back to 1930. Zine is short for “fan magazine” which shortened to “fanzine” then to just zine. This assignment is to design an 8-page zine focused on something about which you are an “expert”, whether it’s your favorite music right now or kinds of tacos you love or your all-time favorite pairs of Air Jordans or a mini graphic novel or crazy pandemic fashion trends. I personally have zines that cover a mini emergency kit, useful things to know, foraging for food in the wild, a sad breakup, how to make a zine, a zine of secrets, and how to pick locks, among others.

There are some resources for you at including a template for Illustrator and folding instructions. All 8 pages will come out of a single piece of 8.5×11 sheet of paper. The individual pages are small and this assignment was designed to be completed with paper and pencil for students who do not have access to a computer that will run Illustrator/other design software. One of my advanced students is doing her 16-page zine in Procreate on her iPad. I’m flexible; use what you have. You will submit this as two photos and/or a computer file and/or a screenshot, if you use a computer without a printer. One photo will be the open sheet of paper; the second photo is a shot of your folded up, ready to distribute zine. On computer with no printer, send me the screen shot of the completed zine.

There are two great examples at the zine page above. These are projects that have been submitted by your classmates during the remote learnin’. Pick something you love (or hate) and design 8-small pages.

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