WXHS, Hattaway, Graphic Design 3 – 4/27/20

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Good Morning, Wildcats!

There are 14-days and a wake up left for new instruction in your courses. YOU. CAN. DO. IT!!!

Several of us chatted about designing the graduation program. I would really appreciate y’all making a pass at it. A link to Mr. Feller’s Illustrator template is down by my signature because the district IT department lives in a magical fairyland bubble of unicorn poop. Let me know what else you need. The powers that are eliminated the ticket even before the current situation. Ms. Beckman would like to ogle designs next Monday, May 4th. If you’re up for one last graduation program hurrah, please let me know that you’re working on it.

I’m aware that at least one of us finds this to be the worst job ever. I get it. Make something happy.

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