WXHS, Hattaway, Graphic Design 3 – 4/21/20

Graphic Design 3

Good evening, Wildcats!

The sneak peaks that I’ve been getting of your works-in-progress look amazing! I’m super excited to see these finished.

The Springville Museum of Art is running an ongoing digital art show of K-12 student art work dealing with fallout of the current pandemic. They have a series of four prompts to which the work should reply. Those prompts are broad enough to include your zine work that I’ve seen so far. I’ve mentioned a few times how I’d like these to be portfolio pieces for you. Please take the opportunity to thoughtfully photograph your work as you get finished and submit it. Prompts and the link to the submission page are here: https://www.smaexhibition-upcloseandfaraway.org/call-for-entries.html

If you’ve been working on something else that you want to submit, please submit it. It’s a great way to get your work published and seen by other people, which is key to your work as artists, commercial or otherwise.

I aim to have sewing instructions for both the practice mini sketchbook and your zine ready by Thursday.

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