Email: WXHS, Hattaway, Graphic Design 2 (AKA Advertising Design) – 4/13/20

Graphic Design 2 (AKA Advertising Design)

Good morning Wildcats!

It’s another fine day of social distancing, quaranspring, and isolation, as well as indecisive spring weather.

Keep Hattaway’s three small things in mind:

1. Contact twice per week and let me know that you are ok, haven’t been bitten by zombies, broken your thumbs on game controllers, etc. – zoom, email, contact-form, carrier pigeon, singing telegram, note tied to brick gently placed on my porch, whatever.

2. Spend 5-minutes two times per week drawing. You can use the drawing prompt on my website, or draw something else. I am not the boss of you.

3. Email me a photo of your completed zine by Wednesday. Ish. We’re not on island time, but, we’re also not far off. If you have printed your zine, or made it analog, I would like a second photo of your zine ready for distribution.

Please let me know if there is something that I can do for y’all to make this pandemic less pandemic-y,