Email: WXHS, Hattaway, Graphic Design 1 – 4/13/20

Graphic Design 1 (All Sections)

Good morning Wildcats!

It’s another fine day of social distancing, quaranspring, and isolation, as well as indecisive spring weather.

Keep Hattaway’s three small things in mind:

1. Contact twice per week and let me know that you are ok, haven’t been bitten by zombies, broken your thumbs on game controllers, etc. – zoom, email, contact-form, carrier pigeon, singing telegram, note tied to brick gently placed on my porch, whatever.

2. Spend 5-minutes two times per week drawing. You can use the drawing prompt on my website, or draw something else. I am not the boss of you.

3. Email me a photo of your completed collage by Wednesday. Ish. We’re not on island time, but, we’re also not far off. If you have printed your zine, or made it analog, I would like a second photo of your zine folded and ready for distribution.

On Wednesday, I am excited to kick off the next project, which will be to design a zine (pronounced zeen). Wednesday’s email and zoom session will have the background information and links to resources like templates, handouts, and examples. This project will allow you to design in computer or as simply as with pencil and paper. It will be due in two weeks on the 29th. Ish.

Please let me know if there is something that I can do for y’all to make this pandemic less pandemic-y,