Email: WXHS, Hattaway, Graphic Design 1

Graphic Design 1

Design students!

To have a happy grade, do 3 things:
1. check-in with Hattaway twice/week
2. draw 5-minutes twice/week; email Hattaway photos of drawings
3. complete the projects –collage assignment due Wednesday April 15th (deets below, but 1 project every two weeks, due on Wednesdays.

The I’m-Soooo-Bored Edition
It’s fourth term! “So, what happens now?” you ask. I’m soooo glad that you asked.

Y’all gave feedback; I listened.

Fourth term should be pretty straightforward with 3 things to keep in mind:

1. Check in with me two times per week. Do this on A days, if you’re keeping track. You don’t know what day it is? No problem! I update with the current day (most of the time), or you can check the calendar on the school website You can check-in via email (, with the contact form on, or by joining a Zoom session ( Currently, yearbook has the 11:00am slot on B days, but you are welcome to pop in anytime. I leave the session open from 11:00am to noon, Monday through Friday. I need to know that you haven’t gone completely feral or insane, or died of boredom. Like, literally.

2. Do the 5-minute drawing assignment twice/week and send me a photo of your drawing. You are welcome to draw anything that you’d like, as long as you spend the 5-minutes per day drawing. Any paper you have handy will work. If you’re at a loss for something to draw, I provide a drawing prompt on along with the complete list of assignments and links to assignment resources. I need something to grade; you need something to do – it’s a match made in heaven.

3. There will be some sort of small project on a two-week interval. You’re bored; I need to give you something to do…yada yada. The first assignment is to create a collage, due Wed. 4/15. Yup. Less than 2 weeks. I’m sorry. If you need more time, take it. Don’t procrastinate to watch TikTok. Or Whatever.

If you and I have already made other assignment arrangements, stick with those arrangements.

What is a collage? I’m glad that you asked! Tomorrow during the graphic design 1 Zoom, I’ll have some examples of student work. This is a non-computer assignment The bare minimum that you’ll need to get this done is paper and pencil. Scissors will help, as well as some sort of adhesive (glue, glue stick, hot glue, tape, etc.), but you can make do by working carefully without those. You will turn this in as a photo via email – I don’t do canvas, except for when I train Aikido or paint with oil or acrylic.

More questions? Hit reply.