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March 23, 2020 – Zoom Schedule Mk2 (beta)

Hi everyone!

I was so happy to see so many of you show up this morning. Thank you so much! I’m hoping that smaller groups will allow more interaction with your classmates.

Here’s the plan, at least until things change and we need to modify the plan further. If 20 minutes isn’t enough time, I am happy to do longer sessions.

I’ll open up a Zoom room at 11:00am. Zoom meetings are _NOT_ mandatory. Zoom is a tool we can use to talk about projects, clarify things that you may not understand, get feedback for ideas and/or works-in-progress, interact with  your classmates, and keep Mr. Hattaway from going bonkers. Showing up for a Zoom, either scheduled below or custom requested, counts as one of three ways that you can check in with me on days that you would have had class with me – you can also email (jhattaway@dsdmail.net) or use the form at https://nomuse.com/contact-me. You only need to do _ONE_ of these three things on class days.

I have graphic design 1 students in all of my graphic design classes. If y’all are ok meeting with 8th period, that would be helpful. If it winds up being a problem, I’ll setup additional times, or smaller group meetings. If you need me to help with a project or to explain something that you don’t understand, we’ll setup a quick Zoom and get it done. You do not have to wait until these blocked out general times.

I also have a 3D Art student not in first period – you know who you are. 🙂  If you don’t mind popping in for 3D questions during the first period time slot, that would likely help out.

I’ll roughly block out time as follows for each of the classes that I teach based on A and B days.

TIME                                       A DAY                                                              B DAY
11:00-11:20am    Period 1, 3D Art & Design        OR      Period 5, Yearbook
11:20-11:40am    Period 3, Graphic Design 3      OR      Period 7, Graphic Design 2
11:40-12:00pm    Period 4, Graphic Design 2      OR      Period 8, Graphic Design 1

Tomorrow is an A day. I’ll meet with with 3D, Graphic Design 3, and Graphic Design 2. If you’re Yearbook or Graphic Design 1, and need to chat or would like to chat, hit the Zoom room before noon and we’ll chat once I wrap up with 4th. If you’re B day Graphic Design 2, you can join in for A day Graphic Design 2, or hop on before the noon. Any of you is welcome to email me to arrange another time to setup a Zoom space.

Wedneseday is a B day. Yearbook, Graphic Design 2, and _ALL_ Graphic Design 1 students (regardless of when you’re scheduled). As with A days, hop into Zoom space before noon, or join the Graphic Design 2 time if’n you’re Graphic Design 2.

Yearbook & 3D art students should plan to work some bookbinding assignments. These can be done with or without a computer, and with or without Illustrator skills. Plus, I’m giddy to see what y’all can come up with.  As with Graphic Design 2, we’ll start with an 8-page zine made from a single sheet of paper.

I’m excited to see y’all again tomorrow and to break up some of the boredom with making stuff,