Let's Get This Party Started – March 19, 2020

Good Morning, Wildcats! Hattaway here! Sketchbooks out and draw for 5-minutes. Go! No, seriously. 😀

TL;DR? Email me that you’re ok.

I am working on getting grades into Encore/MyDSD today. No one is failing, though it may be a close call for one or two of you.

Here’s what’s happening at WXHS as of today, Thursday March 19th:
1. The faculty are only in the building every third day. I’m here today, but won’t be back in my classroom until Tuesday.

2. It’s very empty and desolate here. It feels like I’m working on a Saturday most of the time. I miss you guys. Seriously.

3. The earthquake and its aftershocks do not appear to have done any significant damage to the building. I did have a sheet of glass leaned up against a wall that is now in thousands of tiny pieces. But that seems to be all of the damage that I’ve seen.

4. I’m digging in for the long haul, and I am here for you.

Ok. Here’s what I need from you moving forward:
1. I need an email from you any day that you would have attended my class. Today is an A day, but I would like to hear from each of you today. Email me at jhattaway@dsdmail.net or use the lazy webs contact form on my website: https://nomuse.com/contact-me/
Each email should include:
a. Your name
b. Class & period
c. How you are doing. Include any concerns or needs – I’ll do whatever is possible to help. If you need to just talk to someone with whom you are not trapped at home, we’ll arrange a time to talk or Facetime or Skype.
d. Do you have a computer and internet at home? Except for 3D, do you have Adobe Illustrator installed? Do you need help getting Illustrator installed?
e. Answer to the question of the day.

***Today, the question of the day is: What are you binge watching on Netflix/Disney/Hulu/Amazon/DVD?

f. Starting with tomorrow, Friday March 20th, include a photo of your 5-minute drawing. You may draw anything, but I’ll provide a prompt for each A/B day pair. If your sketchbook is not home with you, draw on any available paper from lined school paper to the backs of envelopes. A photo of your sketch from your phone will be great. There’s a spot to attach it on my contact form, or attach it to a standard email. I’ll also post the drawing prompt on my website with an example photo.

***Tomorrow’s drawing prompt: arrange a still life of 1 glass or cup, 1 fork, and 1 knife. Once arranged, try a blind contour drawing. To do this, place pencil to paper, then keep your eyes on your still life while your hand draws. No peeking. Your eyes and pencil/pen should be in the same place at the same time. This drawing will look like a hot mess. If it doesn’t, you are likely doing something wrong. I’ll get the prompt and a photo online once they throw me out of the building here.

2. Course materials will be on my web site: https://nomuse.com. The website hosting was just approved on Wednesday as I was being bodily escorted out of the building. I have a framework in place and will continue to build the website as a resource for you on a daily basis. I expect that there will be some video, some PDFs of handouts/worksheets, and whatever half-witty repartee I can generate related to whatever I come up for us to do.

3. Starting tomorrow, Friday March 20th, expect an email from me on days when we would have had class if the world hadn’t gone completely mad. The email will include the question of the day, the drawing prompt, and a link to whatever instruction, er “remote learning” I’ve come up with for you. “Remote learning” may just be a work day on a project that may take more than a single 35-minute stretch.

That’s probably too much for today. Send me an email. Seriously.