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Nothing gets a day off to a proper start quite like running over a sharpened bit of steel and slashing the sidewall of a not inexpensive tire. The explosive and sudden decompression of the tire startled me to say the least. I stopped, evaluated the damage, and spent several moments searching the intersection for the shank. As I don't generally carry a spare tire in my kit, I was awfully glad that I connected with the makeshift caltrop a couple of blocks from our house.

I'd been tracking mileage on this pair of tires so that I could make a slightly less uniformed decision the next time I needed to buy a pair of tires. I ran down to Bountiful Bicycle and picked up a replacement -- before they opened for the day. (Brady, Taylor, and the rest of the crew always seem willing to do the bit extra to keep me pedaling. I cannot recommend the shop strongly enough.)

After replacing the tire, I returned to my regularly scheduled bicycle commute -- late, but thrilled to be rolling.


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