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Etymotic E4R
Move along. Nothing to see here. Literally. I'm short and wide and just here to make the text a bit more readable.

Six or seven years ago, I purchased a set of Etymotic E4R headphones for use with a series of amplifiers that I was building at the time. I sampled them during a Headroom road show that passed through Salt Lake City and I fell in love with the audio that they produced. I've used them constantly since their initial purchase and have taken good care of them.

Last month, one of the stems that extends from the driver enclosure and supports the foam or silicone ear fittings broke off. I contacted Etymotic, arranged an RMA, and shipped my E4Rs off for repair. A week later, my headphones were returned with new drivers. Etymotic neither charged me for the repair nor asked for proof-of-purchase. My E4Rs were an expensive purchase that I've enjoyed using. I love this kind of long-term customer service.

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