The Third Time Is The Charm

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Move along. Nothing to see here. Literally. I'm short and wide and just here to make the text a bit more readable.

The front door to our house has been a problem since we purchased the place. The original door was hung so badly that during the winter Nat and her Mom together struggled to get the door to close. With one thing and another, the original door was rehung slightly better than than when we bought the house. Then it was replaced with a fancy-pants door. However, neither hanging worked in an ideally functional sense. One of my early summer vacation projects was rehanging the front door with a new wall section between vertical structural posts. I believe the wall from the my first rehanging was slightly askew. Anyway, out came the door and the wall. In went the new wall and our fancy-pants door. After a few minor adjustments, it works mostly correctly, which will have to be good enough.

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