Through the Camera's Lens, The Garden Laid Bare

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I'm a slacker. I placed an entry in my calendar to remind myself to attempt to start my tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, and beans indoors by March 15th. I didn't. The local nurseries love my procrastination.

I added another 200 square feet on the north end of last year's garden space. I once again busted sod, removed broken glass and 50-year old construction detritus, and tilled the hard pack until my arms ached. The ground should be much better this fall once the root structures of the various garden plants have gone to work on the ground. The south 2/3s of the garden is delightful to work.

I finished my berry section with a pair of blackberry vines and two grape vines -- one concord, the second a red flame variety. I will still need to trellis the grapes, probably later than sooner.

This year, I've expanded tomatoes to include a couple of beefsteak vines and a grape tomato vine. Nat asked for them. I still haven't learned how to eat raw tomatoes. The romas that I plant each year work dandily for salsa and sauce, both on-the-spot tomato reductions as well as the larger pomodoro batches that I put up for the balance of the year.

Also new for me this year, I planted red and yellow onions, red shallots (my very favorite onion), Jacob's Cattle beans, and a cucumber. The pumpkin vine received an appropriate amount of space. The tomatoes received cages -- though the phrase "for a given value of cage" comes to mind with regards to a few of the cages I was given. I'll need to try and get some cages on the tomatillos too. And, I once again planted an excessive number of jalapeno, serano, and cayenne peppers. We'll see how things go.


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